IAicon Brand toner cartridge and ink cartridge.High quality and Competitive price for ink cartridge,toner cartridge,printer consumable
Home Toner CartridgeHP toner cartridgeColor toner cartridge for HP/CANON/EPSON/RICOH/MINOLTA/BROTHER/DELL/LEXMARK/SAMSUNG/XEROX/OKI/IBM series


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high quality 
and low price toner cartridge,inkjet cartridge,CISS,ribbon 
printer,copier cartridge,inkjet paper form Aicon



1:Uncompromising quality
2:Manufactured under an ISO9001 quality system
3:100% product warranty
4:Customer orientation services

5:Further product information needed or sample needed for testing, please feel free to contact us!

HP series   For CANON series  
Aicon code Description Aicon code Description
ATRH-2500B For HP C9700A/EP-87 ATRC-P311 B For CANON P311 B
ATRH-2500C For HP C9701A/EP-87 ATRC-P311C For CANON P311 C
ATRH-2500Y For HP C9702A/EP-87 ATRC-P311M For CANON P311 M
ATRH-2500M For HP C9703A/EP-87 ATRC-P311Y For CANON P311Y
ATRH-2550B For HP Q3960A ATRC-P301B For CANON P301 Bk
ATRH-2550C For HP Q3961A ATRC-P301C For CANON P301 C
ATRH-2550Y For HP Q3962A ATRC-P301M For CANON P301 M
ATRH-2550M For HP Q3963A ATRC-P301Y For CANON P301 Y
ATRH-2550C For HP  3971A(high volume) ATRC-P307B For CANON P307 Bk
ATRH-2550Y For HP  3972A(high volume) ATRC-P307C For CANON P307 C
ATRH-2550M For HP  3973A(high volume) ATRC-P307M For CANON P307 M
ATRH-2600B For HP Q6000A ATRC-P307Y For CANON P307 Y
ATRH-2600C For HP Q6001A    
ATRH-2600Y For HP Q6002A EPSON series  
ATRH-2600M For HP Q6003A ATRE-C900B For EPSON S050100
ATRH-3000B For HP Q7560 ATRE-C900C For EPSON S050099
ATRH-3000C For HP Q7561 ATRE-C900M For EPSON S050098
ATRH-3000Y For HP Q7562 ATRE-C900Y For EPSON S050097
ATRH-3000M For HP Q7563 ATRE-C1100B For EPSON S050190
ATRH-3500B For HP Q2670A ATRE-C1100C For EPSON S050189
ATRH-3500C For HP Q2671A ATRE-C1100M For EPSON S050188
ATRH-3500Y For HP Q2672A ATRE-C1100Y For EPSON S050187
ATRH-3500M For HP Q2673A ATRE-C2600B For EPSON S050226
ATRH-3700B For HP Q2670A ATRE-C2600C For EPSON S050227
ATRH-3700C For HP Q2681A ATRE-C2600M For EPSON S050228
ATRH-3700Y For HP Q2682A ATRE-C2600Y For EPSON S050229
ATRH-3700M For HP Q2683A ATRE-C3000B For Epson S050213
ATRH-3600B For HP Q6470A ATRE-C3000C For Epson S050212
ATRH-3600C For HP Q6471A ATRE-C3000M For Epson S050211
ATRH-3600Y For HP Q6472A ATRE-C3000Y For Epson S050210
ATRH-3600M For HP Q6473A ATRE-C4100B For EPSON S050149
ATRH-3800B For HP Q6470A ATRE-C4100C For EPSON S050148
ATRH-3800C For HP Q7581A ATRE-C4100M For EPSON S050147
ATRH-3800Y For HP Q7582A ATRE-C4100Y For EPSON S050146
ATRH-3800M For HP Q7583A ATRE-C4200B For EPSON S050245
ATRH-4500B For HP C4191A / EP-83 ATRE-C4200C For EPSON S050244
ATRH-4500C For HP C4192A / EP-83 ATRE-C4200M For EPSON S050243
ATRH-4500Y For HP C4193A / EP-83 ATRE-C4200Y For EPSON S050242
ATRH-4500M For HP C4194A / EP-83    
ATRH-4600B For HP C9720A/EP-85 RICOH series  
ATRH-4600C For HP C9721A/EP-85 ATRR-CL800(1000)B For RICOH CL800/1000 B
ATRH-4600Y For HP C9722A/EP-85 ATRR-CL800(1000)C For RICOH CL800/1000 C
ATRH-4600M For HP C9723A/EP-85 ATRR-CL800(1000)M For RICOH CL800/1000 M
ATRH-4700B For HP Q5950A ATRR-CL800(1000)Y For RICOH CL800/1000 Y
ATRH-4700C For HP Q5951A    
ATRH-4700Y For HP Q5952A MINOLTA series  
ATRH-4700M For HP Q5953A ATRM-2200B For Minolta 2200
ATRH-5500B For HP C9730A/EP-86 ATRM-2200Y For Minolta 2200
ATRH-5500C For HP C9731A/EP-86 ATRM-2200M For Minolta 2200
ATRH-5500Y For HP C9732A/EP-86 ATRM-2200C For Minolta 2200
ATRH-5500M For HP C9733A/EP-86 ATRM-2300(2350)B For Minolta 2300/2350
ATRH-C4005B For HP CB 400A ATRM-2300(2350)Y For Minolta 2300/2350
ATRH-C4005C For HP CB 401A ATRM-2300(2350)M For Minolta 2300/2350
ATRH-C4005Y For HP CB 402A ATRM-2300(2350)C For Minolta 2300/2350
ATRH-C4005M For HP CB 403A ATRM-2400(2500)B For Minolta 2400/2500
ATRH-4730B For HP Q6460 ATRM-2400(2500)Y For Minolta 2400/2500
ATRH-4730C For HP Q6461 ATRM-2400(2500)M For Minolta 2400/2500
ATRH-4730Y For HP Q6462 ATRM-2400(2500)C For Minolta 2400/2500
ATRH-4730M For HP Q6463 ATRM-3300B For Minolta 3300
ATRH-1215B For HP CB540 ATRM-3300Y For Minolta 3300
ATRH-1215C For HP CB541 ATRM-3300M For Minolta 3300
ATRH-1215Y For HP CB542 ATRM-3300C For Minolta 3300
ATRH-1215M For HP CB543 ATRM-5430(5440)B For Minolta 5430/5440
    ATRM-5430(5440)Y For Minolta 5430/5440
    ATRM-5430(5440)M For Minolta 5430/5440
    ATRM-5430(5440)C For Minolta 5430/5440



1:All brand names and trade marks are the properties of their respective holders and are referred

to here for descriptive purposes only.

2:Aicon are not associated with any printer and/ or original printing supplies manufacturers.

Company Profile:


Company Profile

  • ISO9001 & ISO14001 certified factory,more than 520 employees, factory area covers 11,600 square meters
  • Monthly output: Ink cartridges 3,000,000 pieces; Toner cartridges 150,000 pieces
  • Perfect after-sales service
  • 100% Guaranteed 1:1 replacement?
  • 18months warranty

Product Category

  1. Compatible Ink Cartridges & Remanufactured Ink Cartridges
  2. Compatible Toner Cartridges & Remanufactured Toner Cartridges
  3. CISS-Continuous Ink Supply System?& Refillable Ink Cartridges
  4. Refill Ink & Bulk Ink
  5. Toner Power & Bulk Toner
  6. Photo Paper & Ink Paper


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