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Green Cartridges, Green World


Green Cartridges, Green World2015-05-07
Green Cartridges, Green World

On the same earth, everyone is responsible for environment protection, so do we.

In the recent year, customers' demand for compatible inkjets is boosting, however, on this important moment, Zhuhai Aicon Image Co., Ltd. made a great decision to expand its remanufacturing business.

So far as we know, the average collecting rate of cartridges with printheads all over the world is around 1.2%, which means only about 5 millions pieces are collected to be made good use of one more time, however, that in China is much lower than the average in this industry.

In passed few years, we found remanufactured cartridges took a stable portion although under great pressure from compatibles.

HP 61XL Canon PG210/CL211 HP 932XL/933XL

As the times require, some small remanufactured factory emerged in some developed countries for the passed several decades, which misunderstood by some of us that remanufacturing cartridges is an easy job with small investment.

However, to be professional, Aicon is concentrated on empties collecting, automatic production and engineer elites, which helps to keep Aicon competitive and irreplaceable.


As common sense, qualified empty is one of the most important factors to affect both stability and prices of  remanufactured cartridges, which makes it a must for Aicon to use virgin empties, who has its own local channel to collect empties easily with competitive prices so as to keep its top place in this industry.

What's more, Aicon polishes every process of remanufacturing to precise, even like cleaning empties, and automatic machines as well as organized managements bring great efficiency on production.

As an enterprise concentrated on environment protection, Aicon strictly follow the government policy to apply one-stop disposal solution of sewage, which highlighted all the production.

After all, the reason for massive used cartridges abandoned, instead of collected is that human beings' consciousness of environmental protection is still poor and need to be raised , meanwhile, we lack efficient methods on construction of collection channels and impactful government intervention on collection industry.


To move on successfully, incentive policy to related enterprises on constructing collecting channels is necessary as well as to encourage and remind people on building environmental protection habits, which would be a long-term task to the government, enterprises and society, but we believe, through our efforts together, the living environment will be improved to better with collection of recyclable resources.


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