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How to Select Printing Consumables with Good Value?

2020/08/10 15:37
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As we all know that the price gap between OEM and Compatible consumables cannot be ignored, more and more people choose compatible consumables to reduce the cost of office supplies. But how do we choose when we face so many different compatible consumables?

People are easily attracted by the low prices per unit, but in fact, it should be emphasized most that the real good value cannot be calculated in this way.

In addition to the cost of purchasing toner cartridges or ink cartridges, there are some points that we often overlook:

1.Is the printing consumables you bought full-page yield?
In face of the Increasingly fierce market competition, some printing consumables supplies drive down prices. In order to reduce costs, they reduce the amount of powder filling secretly. When we were blinded by cheap toner cartridges, we didn't notice cost per piece.

2.Whether the printing performance can meet your expectations?
A poor-quality print may have various problems such as illegible handwriting, serious color fade, hollow characters and so on.

3.Why does your new product leak powder?
The production technology of some small-scale factories is not mature enough, so it is very easy to have hardware quality problems during transportation. As soon as you open the product package, the annoying problem of powder leakage appears.

4.Are there any problems with the chip? As one of the most core parts of a printing consumable, the chip determines whether your printing consumable can work after being installed. If the machine cannot recognize the chip, you may have to purchase an additional chip to replace it, which is a waste of money and time.


After understanding these key points, I believe you have learned how to select printing consumables. I recommend iAICON's printing consumables to you.

1.As a professional printing consumable supplier, iAICON always puts its reputation as his key value.
We promise 100% full-page yield.

2.We use high density sponge with good sealing performance avoid powder leakage.

3.Our printing performance absolutely meets your needs, and you are welcome to place a sample order for testing. iAICON selects the Chip brand with global leading R&D capabilities, so that the printing consumables can be accurately identified after installation.

Please feel free to contact us:promotion@iaicon.com.

Zhuhai Aicon is an export-oriented company with a history of 14 years, integrating R&D, production and sales of printing consumables. As a professional provider of printing consumables and office output solutions, we have more than 6000 models, covering toner cartridge, copier kit, inkjet cartridge,bulk ink and printer ribbon. We help people work better with natural, reliable and caring services.


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