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i.AICON production line had fully restarted, capacity will recover according to schedule.

2020/02/19 17:18
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In early 2020, after the outbreak of COVID-19, all parts of China have delay the restart of work after the Spring Festival holiday and avoid gathering of people. Many companies or stores are unable to open and resume work under the situation. Some countries have introduced policies to implement strict prevention and control measures on Chinese ships or ships passing through Chinese ports, resulting in a roughly 10% drop in exports.
"Middle East Economic Network" wrote on the Feb.16th that the world could not bear the burden of China's continued shutdown. China's consumption, economic growth and China as a indispensable important part of the global industrial chain's status and role, and in this outbreak to show incisively and vividly.
Over the past few days, with the improvement of the epidemic, the government have introduced intensive support policies, and the majority of enterprises are about to start work. Aicon’s production lines had fully resumed work on February 18 under the strict protection control and the capacity of every production lines are recovering by schedule.
Thank you for the concern about China and us during this special period. We will be more focusing on staffs’ health & safety and product quality by process management and control, try our best to provide qualified product in time. Keeping the words of iAICON brand "Reliable · Natural · Caring".