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What shall we do facing the uncertainty of delivery date during the epidemic?

2020/02/10 17:27
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The fight of epidemic is continuing. In order to prevent the gathers of staffs and ensure the health and safety of employees and goods, the manufacturers had followed the guide from the government to postpone the resuming of production. Aicon's production section will followed the guide and resume production at early March. At present, the policy and rules of antivirus protection and preparation of resuming working in in progress. 

Under the epidemic situation, if the factory fails to return to work on time, foreign import enterprises will face the shortage of stocks by suppliers’ failure of on-time delivery, and customs inspection and epidemic prevention measures. It will affect the local sales and stock up to different degrees.

Therefore, when goods cannot arrive at the destination on time or the Stock alarm raised, you should pay more attention to your front lines and backyards, the customers, the warehouses and the supply chains. Here are some suggestions from us,
1. Inventory review, including the data from down stream distributions. Make sure you know how many goods in the market and your warehouse, how long can the inventory last?
2. Manage the warehouse scientifically and strictly follow first in, first out principle.
3. Analyze the demand of downstream distribution and distribute goods scientifically to ensure that important resources are inclined to important customers.
4. Appropriately tighten the promotion policy. For the models in short supply, we can adjust the promotion policy according to the market competition and environment, such as tightening the promotion to rational release the inventory.
5. Resource integration and cautious coordination. In case of short supply, coordinate different brand of goods to customers will have risk in unstable quality complain and bad reputation of brand image. So reasonable prediction and allocation are needed.
6. Accurately predict future demand and reassess of supply chain in advance.
7.Select qualified suppliers, strengthen contact and cooperate with target suppliers. Pay more attention to the supplier's capital status, select suppliers with stable quality, guaranteed delivery time and prevent the subsequent trade losses caused by the fund fracture of suppliers under the epidemic.
8. Pay more attention to the demand from users, strengthen the construction of distribution network, and lay a good foundation for new demand.
9. Pay attention to changes in domestic import policies.
For more suggestions and methods on warehouse management, please contact our business manager. Hope our suggestion would help.
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