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Aicon is doing effort to make sure staff and products are safe.

2020/02/07 14:59
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At present, the department of production is doing research on staffs travel trace and requiring all staffs must isolated at home in Zhuhai for not less than 14 days. Make sure every staff at work is in good health condition.
So far, protective materials such as mask, gloves, temperature tester, medical alcohol and disinfectant has arrived in the factory. And the company had issued the policy and rules of antivirus protection and monitoring the production line and the plant area. Person health & temperature daily monitoring, prepost disinfection &protective measures, strict cleaning and disinfection of offices, workshops, canteens and other areas, raw materials, accessories and finished products isolate storing, improve the ventilation and dryness of the warehouse. All these measures is to ensure the health and safety environment for staffs and ensure that materials and finished products are adequately protected.
The WHO (World Health Organization)has announced the previous analysis that coronaviruses do not survive long on objects. So strict protection measures will effectively protect our workers and also goods not be infected. We will pursued to provide safe and quality printing consumables to the market.