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e-Image Data Announces Lawsuit Against Konica Minolta for Pa...


e-Image Data Announces Lawsuit Against Konica Minolta for Patent Infringement2012-10-09

HARTFORD, Wis. – e-Image Data has filed a lawsuit against Konica Minolta and two of its resellers in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin for the infringement on patent number 8,269,890 B2, issued for the company's digital microform imaging apparatus.

The patent protects the hardware for the ScanPro2000, a microform scanner used in the world's most prestigious libraries and private companies. The ScanPro 2000's patented technology allows it to:

Have a significantly more compact design than other units on the market

Use a single lens that includes all the magnifications required for all microfilm types

Have full optical image rotation

Provide continuous focus throughout the entire optical magnification range.

"e-Image Data takes pride in our constant innovation and commitment to keeping our customers at the cutting edge of digital scanner technology," said James Westoby, president of e-Image Data. "We consider it our responsibility to protect our intellectual property so that we can continue to move forward in providing our customers with the most dynamic product on the market."

Konica Minolta's SL 1000, released earlier this year, features technology that e-Image Data believes infringes on its patent. The technology is used in the entire ScanPro line of products, including the ScanPro 3000, the company's newest innovation for working with microfilm, which brings a 21-megapixel scanned image to the industry for the first time, providing sharpness and clarity not previously available.

The ScanPro products use patent-pending technology to link to secondary sources when a word is selected, copy highlighted microfilm areas as text to the clipboard for pasting to other programs, convert microfilm images into word-searchable PDFs and to find and highlight user-selected words right on the microfilm image. "These features have forever changed the way people work with microfilm," Westoby said.

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