FAQ for Toner Cartridges

Toner Cartridge Common Faults & Causes Details

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1. The Sealing strips can not be pulled out: caused by poor assembly, the rubber supplier is welded too tight or the folded part stacked with toner. 


2. Leakage toner: In addition to poor assemble of sealing strips  cause leakage, multiple parts or parts in the powder box may cause leakage of toner during use, MR sealing defect, DB aging, MR sealing blade deformation not firmly adhered, Sealing sponge defect, incomplete or aging, WB deformation or poor adhesion will cause leakage of toner 


3.Can't print or print out all white or light and blurA Sealing strips is not openedB The Toner is not shaken before the sealing strips is pulled, and the toner do not come out smoothly.C The laser beam not on the OPC, the protect sheet is not removed or the drum cover is not open.D poor in grounded, poor connection of conductive film or toner cartridge with the machine E too large torque causing unmove of the print tape.F  DR or MR poor conduction


4. all black or half blackA Missing PCR or poor assembly.B PCR conductive bracket is deformed or has poor contact.


5. Vertical black line:      any unwanted vertical lines from top to bottom, thick or thin, continuous or intermittent.    A thin, light vertical line is caused by a WB notch or scraches on the OPC.Thick and intermittent black lines with unclear edges caused by sealing blade wrinkles or DB aging.


6. Horizontal missing:horizontal discontinuity . Reason:A Partial exposure of the OPC coating.B Drum drive gear defects, loose or missing.C MR sleeve coating defectD Core positioning errorE The MR sheet is severely worn or deformedF poor contact or beating of MR conductive spring


7.Horizontal black line:Caused by electricity, periodic horizontal black line is often caused by PCR coating defect and pinhole on opc coating, or PCR contamination OPC. Irregular horizontal black line is often caused by the combination of Toner hopper or waste toner bin.


8. Grape bunch: It is a kind of defect that appears on the printed product like a coin. It is irregular and difficult to repeat. It is caused by poor opc grounding. 


9.Irregular vertical black spots, black blocks:A Waste powder caused by deformation of the sealing bladeB  toner is excessively deposited on the MR, caused by the powder leakage. 


10, Paper jam, Can not print, abnormal soundA excessive torque of Toner cartridgeB The design of the paper-bonded structure of the toner cartridge is unreasonable


11.GhostingA OPC problemB Toner fixing temperature problem


12.Periodic black spots, blocksValenrable parts damaging and deforming


13. Vertical line white line on the black plate: the deep wear line of the OPC.A MR has impurities or MR coating wear lineB There are impurities on the paperC Cleaning blade has burrsD There are impurities on the laser port


14.Periodic handwriting blur: caused by OPC or PCR coating contamination, watermarks, mimeographed, fingerprints .


15.Background scattering: refers to the text or the line around the unwanted small black spots, caused by MR coating or toner.Opc overheating { high sensitivity} can also cause defects. 


16.Grain background {tiger spot}: appear in black wavy on the all white or appear in white on the black or halftone layout.Usually caused by MR coating defects or due to long-term low-density printing, Toner bonding is caused by the MR sleeve. 


17. Hollow word: stroke on the text or image. Reason:A Toner problemB Bad toner mixC MR coating problemD The surface of the print media is too light and too hard.E used the opposite side of the paper


18.Light color:A Toner problem.B Drum powder, MR fit problemC DB agingD MR wearE OPC has reached service lifeF High ambient humidity or medium moisture absorption.


19. Greyback:Refers to the foggy toner appearing in the blank area of ​​the print,Reason:A DB agingB PCR dirtyC Toner problemD OPC fatigue, to the end of lifeE low temperature and dry envieronmentF Print media problem


20、RippleA MR problemB Toner problemC Toner and OPC matching problem


21.Gear lineA Gear meshing problem


22.Consumables periodic blockA Consumables themselves or sticky impurities